And in the end / the love you take / is equal to the love / you make

Somewhere along the road, I got sick of recounting my life story to every other new chick I was trying to get into the pants of, and started this blog. ‘Just go to my blog’, I’d tell them, and usually the stuff I’ve got here took care of the rest.

Angst fueled love letters I used to write, to women whom I don’t remember anymore. I used to write some great shit and that I thought I’d blog in case I ever stop being able to write like that anymore.

As time went along, the women became less special, and it got alot more difficult for any one of them to evoke the same feelings the earlier ones did. Or I could have gotten jaded. Or both. Whichever way, the emo that was the ink for my pen dried up, and I couldn’t write anymore.

The blog stayed up but un-updated while I came to terms with that, and I guess the time has come to just call it a day.

This blog will no longer be updated, and for those of you who are still keen on what’s happening in my life (friends only, stalkers who have never commented please stay away), there will be a new blog up soon where I will be blogging under my real name. Do email me at johnnymalkavian AT if you want the link when it’s ready.

So long, and thanks for all the love.